It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Your HS player’s lacrosse career is winding down and your thoughts turn to preparing for college. Yes, you have a player committed to the next level – but will he or she have what it takes? Summer options for development are slim and playing in a random tournament or two isn’t enough. You need to prepare to compete at the next level. 

 " I have personally designed a program based on my 30 years of experience as a college lacrosse coach and the firsthand knowledge of what players need as they enter this stage of their career. I have also experienced this from a parent’s perspective with my son Matt." -Jim Stagnitta MLL Charlotte Hounds Head Coach

8 week Lacrosse College Prep Program Includes

(8) 2 Hour Training Sessions on Tuesday evenings in Flemington (you’ll have your weekends free).

These will be fast paced high intensity college level practices focused on advanced skill and IQ development. Our staff will focus on the areas you will need to master for success at the college level: Practice will include 30 minutes of speed and agility training from Nex Level Sports staff.

(3) 2-Hour Development sessions focused on the following:

  • Leadership/Resiliency Program – run by JC Glick-LTC US Army (Ret.) - former Ranger battalion leader and head of the Army Ranger Leadership school  
  • Learning Center Education Program - a.k.a. College Isn’t Grade 13
  • Motivational Development - prepare both mentally and physically for the journey on which you are about to embark                    
  • Mental- Performance – to perform at your highest level on and off the field
  • TAP Assessment and Report – used by NFL Combines and college programs

Strength and Conditioning Training

  • 2 instructional sessions focusing on Olympic lifts and plyometric exercises required at the college level.

8 week program will be May 30th-July 25th, and Cost $700. Limited to 22 players per team(one men's team and one women's team). We anticipate this will fill quickly.

Collegiate Prep Training & Development Team

Jim Stagnitta-Coach of MLL Charlotte Hounds. Former Head Coach Washington and Lee University, Rutgers University and Asst. Coach University of Pennsylvania.

John Walker- Former Assist. Coach UVA and Princeton. 4 time All-American Army 

Dorian Gilmartin- Assistant Coach Drew University

Julie Lazelle- Former Head Lacrosse Coach Roanoke College, Widener University

Laurie Stagnitta-Former Assistant Washington and Lee University

Leadership/Resiliency- JC Glick-LTC US Army (Ret .) A former Ranger battalion leader and head of the Army Ranger Leadership school. 

Education- Matt Frawley and Nic Voge from the Princeton University McGraw Center for learning and the University student transition team.  

Motivation- Keith Wilford – Founder of the Wilford Movement.  

Mental- Performance Optimization- Dr. Lonnie Sarnell will help you to perform at your highest level on and off the field.  

TAP Test and Report - A valuable and comprehensive tool that uncovers your strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of athletics, academics and life. Brendan Fowler MLL TAP Results

"I hope you will make the commitment to join us and step on campus ready to compete on and off the playing field." -Jim Stagnitta MLL Charlotte Hounds Head Coach

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