Lacrosse Team Services


Lacrosse Team Services

Team Options 

NLA Lacrosse has engineered programs that enable players and coaches to take their team to the Nex Level! Our team programs offer a menu of services that teams can choose from for total team development. These options include position specific skill and IQ development, strength, conditioning and agility training along with team concepts and scheme development! Our program is led by former collegiate and current professional coach Jim Stagnitta along with his staff of professional players and coaches. Programs are customized to meet your team needs, goals, and style of play. NLA Lacrosse also offers competitive live play options including indoor box lacrosse and small side team play/instruction to develop team offensive and defensive schemes. From 2v2 up to 7v7.


Rental Options

Rental Options

Nex level arena's facility renovations include new field turf, lighting, and heating systems.   Our facility is the perfect environment for your teams practice, business event, or school activity any time of the year. 


Field Rental 

We provide rental options for the NLA indoor field. Options include:

Quarter Field: 60'x120' / Half Field: 120'x120' / Full Field: 240'x120' 

Peak Rental Hours: 5-9pm Mon-Fri/ 10-6 Sat & Sun

Discounts: Bulk Rental Hours/ off peak hour rental

*Please fill out a rental request form above or contact a coordinator below.


Need help?  Contact a coordinator! 

Please contact our program coordinator for discounted pricing on team services, seasonal rentals, and event booking. 

Contact Email: hmurphy@nexlevelarena.com 

Please contact our facility coordinator to book short term, hourly, and immediate rental needs.

Contact Email: sanderson@nexlevelsports.net 


Event Rental 

We provide event rental options ranging from small private events to large tournaments/fundraisers. If your company, team, school, club, or organization would like to host an event, 

*Please fill out a rental request form above or email our program coordinator. 


Team Training options 

Our mission at Nex Level is to progress the sport. NLA has a verity of services that we provide teams including sport specific fitness programs/testing, sports performance, fundraising, and team building. We can customize team packages to include turf rental and services at an unbeatable price. 

*Please fill out a rental request form above or email our program coordinator. 



Lacrosse FAQ/Contact us

Lacrosse FAQ/Contact us

NLA Lacrosse Program FAQ

What is the difference between program sessions and clinics?

Program sessions are part of the individual development program, and are scheduled on a weekly basis. Clinics are scheduled pay to attend events with pro players, college coaches, and or position specific instructors. Clinics are scheduled monthly.


Skill session instructors will vary. Sessions will be headed by a current/former college coach or pro player. Instructors will be listed on the calendar 2 weeks in advanced.

how are the skill development CLASSES BROKEN UP?

This will vary by session. Live play sessions and advanced skill sessions will be broken up by age and level of play. Skill and position specific instruction may be mixed groups of age and level of play.

What is the time demand of the skill program?

After the player's fitness & skill assessments are complete, they will be given a training schedule with class options. You will then have a chance to choose your training schedule from classes that factor in age, position, and skill level. The Skill development program will provide options to train in 2 skill (1 hour) sessions a week.

The SFS strength training programs adds 2 (1-hour) sessions per week.


What does a weekly training schedule look like?

The weekly schedule above is a sample replica of our typical fall and winter skill training schedules options. After player assessments, you will have a chance to choose training time slots that factor in grade, skill level, and position. We will adjust the class schedule to accommodate high demand training time slots, and positional needs after schedule player assessment and schedule submission. 

Are there discounts on the skill development program?

The NLX skill development program bundles all of our high-level training services into a discounted package. The are no further discounts that we can apply to the development program.


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