To pick your sessions after buying a package:

1. Log into your MindBody account using the above link

2. Click on "classes" 

3. Find the date you would like and age level

4. Enroll in that class by pressing "book"


1. Download the Mindbody App on your phone

2. Search for Nex Level

3. Enroll by clicking "book"



Download the MindBody App on Android or Apple devices. This is the quickest and easiest way to get your sessions and see the calendar.

How do I create an account for and book my child in to a class?

Can I book a service for my child through the app?

How do I book my child in to a class while I'm logged in? Learn how to create an account for your child and book them in to classes while you're logged in as their parent.

How do I save a spot in a class for my child? Learn how to book a class in place of your child.