NLA Lacrosse provides unparalleled training options for players at every skill level. Our individual skill sessions allow players to train in small groups led by former/current collegiate coaches & pro players. Players can choose from a variety of training sessions throughout winter. Program options include fundamental, position specific, and situational play sessions.

Winter training Schedule 

Thursday February 23rd 

Session 1 (6-7PM)

Men's 9th-12th Live Off/Def Situations (Walker/Stagnitta)

Session 2 (7-8PM)
Women's 9th-12th Dodging/Shooting(Lauri Stagnitta)

Monday February 27th

Session 3 (6-7PM)
Boy's 6th-8th Off/Def Skills (Walker: former Assistant Coach Princeton)

Session 4 (7-8PM)
Men's 9th-12th Off/Def Skills (Walker: former Assistant Coach Princeton)

Session 5 (7-8PM
Women's 6th-12th Pre-Season Prep (Lazelle: Former Head Coach Widener)

Tuesday February 28th

Session 6 (6-7PM)
Men's 9th-12th Off/Def Skills (Stagnitta: MLL Coach of the Year)

Session 7 (7-8PM)
Girl's 6th-8th Off/Def skills (Gilmartin:Assistant Coach at Drew University)

Session 8 (7-8PM)
Boy's 6th-8th Off/Def Skills(Stagnitta: MLL Coach of the Year)

Single Session 9 (8-9PM)
9th-12th Def/Off Skills (Gilmartin:Assistant Coach at Drew University)


Registration limited to 10 players per position. Players with active memberships can use their remaining winter sessions to book any session below through their self service portal. The cost to attend will be $45 per session.

Lacrosse Coordinator

 Please contact our lacrosse coordinator if you have any further questions about skill sessions, or training packages. 

Lacrosse Coordinator-