The NLX focus is on the development of lacrosse fundamentals, IQ and advanced skills. We have created the most advanced Player Development Program to date by incorporating strength, conditioning, speed training and skill development into a single program. NLX programs focus on the complete physical development of the athlete at a fraction of what it would cost to train each of these areas individually.

Skill Development Program

This program is designed to fully develop the overall skill set of an athlete. Our skill development program includes pro testing, and weekly skill development classes. Our coaches and trainers will drill fundamentals that develop the high level skill sets to drive an athlete to reach thier full potential physically and mentally.

Strength & Agility Add-on

This program add-on includes lacrosse specific fitness training to enhance speed, agility, strength, and conditioning. This program add on provides 2 small group Strength & Agility training sessions a week in addition to the weekly skill development sessions. This add-on includes a membership at Nex Level Sports.

NLX programs are delivered by proven experts in their field at a value (due to bundling these services into a single package), which seperates NLX from the rest of the market.