Suspension straps are awesome pieces of training equipment. Not only can you perform a wide variety of full body exercises with them, but they also store neatly so you can conveniently pack them up and take them anywhere! They can be adjusted to make any exercise more difficult or easy, but figuring out the right set up can be difficult

       First thing is first, make sure you have a stable post to attach the straps to. You can use a pull up bar, a beam, or even a tree branch! Whatever it is, it needs to be able to support your weight so test them by giving them a good pull before trusting them with your weight. Then adjust the handles so they are somewhere between 18” and 42” off the ground. Usually they are lower when putting your feet in them and higher when using your hands, the handle height isn’t as important as your foot position in relations to the anchor.

        When performing either a row or push-up (picture on the right) grab the handles, keep your body straight and tensed, then extend your arms fully taking the slack out of the straps.

       You can now move your feet away from the anchor point to make the exercises easier, or towards it to make them harder. For a real challenge you can elevate your feet! Where ever you decide to put the handles, they should be at an equal height. Uneven handles will lead to improper form.

       The final progression of these exercises is to try them with your feet in the straps instead of grabbing the handles (shown below). To do a push-up you simply put your hands on the ground. Rows can be more difficult to set up, since you have to put a bar in the perfect position, but the results are worth the effort!