This week’s tip takes us back to our grade school days where we learned the importance of putting things away. This may come as a shock, but some adults don’t put equipment away after using it! This tip is for you shmucks!

Leaving your equipment out is extremely disrespectful to both the staff of the facility and to everyone else working out.  You’re basically saying your time is more valuable than everyone else’s. Many of us only have a limited time to work out so spending time putting other people’s stuff away is a total waste of gain-time.

Remember everything has a proper place and to put things back where you found them. If you see something where it doesn’t belong, and you have a free hand, help the team and put it back.

Finally, be sure to put your stuff back right after you’re done using it and don’t wait until the end of your whole workout. This increases the chances of forgetting to put things back all together. Also, other people won’t know that equipment is vacant and may avoid using it. Remember we’re all in this together!