Author: Alan

You’ve heard it before and it’s worth saying again: lift with your legs!

Remember these few steps to prevent injury. First, make sure you are properly warmed up to lift the object. If needed, stretch out your muscles a little bit with the old standing pelvic thrust. Once you’re ready, squat as close as possible to the object bending at the knees while keeping the lower back as straight. Squat until you are as low enough to get a good grip on the object. Now with the arms staying straight use your legs and hips to stand up. Your lower back should be kept in a neutral position this entire time. Do not bend or twist with the object and be careful not to lift it too quickly.

proper lifting.jpg

If done properly, picking up the object will look and feel like doing a deadlift! If done incorrectly, picking up the object will look and feel like doing a deadlift with bad form! 😜

P.S.  Do yourself a favor, be conscience of your lower back while setting up the deadlift. Way too many times people are ‘all about the form,’ but if you watch them adjust the weights you see their lower back rounded the entire time. Rounding your back to lift practical weight contradicts every rep you make with perfect form in the gym.