Rikki explains 3 of the most important exercises 


The Squat is an exercise that we all know develops strong legs. Powerlifters have been proving it for years by lifting mammoth weight in this fashion. For years, strength coaches have used the Squat as one of the main lifts to develop strength.

Being able to squat with good form will help you activate the muscles needed for basic sports movements like jumping and pushing off the ground. Knowing how to activate your glutes, quads and the abdominals all together is one of the keys to being able to produce speed and power.


Few exercises are simpler than the Deadlift. The move essentially mimics squatting down and picking something up off the floor. Yet, it's acclaimed as one of the best exercises for athletes who want to get stronger, faster and more powerful. Almost all fundamental sports skills, like running, jumping, throwing and tackling, start when you put power into the ground. The power travels up through your core and into your upper body. So, the more force you put into the ground, the better you will perform the skills for your sport.

The Deadlift is effective because it is such a basic movement pattern. It strengthens your legs, hips and back, and teaches these large muscle groups to fire in a coordinated fashion. The result is that you will be able to put more force into the ground. No matter what sport you play, your game will improve if you regularly perform this essential exercise.


The Bench Press works a variety of upper-body muscles, but its focus lies on the pectoralis major muscles of the chest. As such, the bench press when performed regularly lends thickness, muscle definition and strength to the chest area.

As a compound exercise, bench presses also engage the deltoids and triceps as synergists, or muscles that help other muscles complete a movement. The Bench Press is great for forward explosive type movements and for pressing.