The Next Step in Progress

Nex Level Arena is proud and excited to now add volleyball activities to our list of sports. With the addition of two(2) outdoor courts with a fenced area, opportunities for the upcoming season include collegiate & high school leagues, pick-up doubles, leisure leagues and private/small group training rentals. 


Summer Leagues 2017 

Collegiate League 

As part of our mission to help athletes progress through the various stages of their athletic careers we're here to help them in every way possible. Our Collegiate league is for athletes looking to get as many touches in the off season as they can. As part of our Committed program this league will be fun and challenging enough for all levels of collegiate players.  

Competitive Doubles 

Here at Nex Level we see the tight-knit community New Jersey volleyball players have created. We want to make our space your new hot spot for action during the summer months. Our Thursday nights are now your weekend warm-ups! High school and adult doubles will get you and your partner in the zone for the rest of your competitions. 

Social Leagues 4v4

If you're looking to have some fun in the sun and play the sport you love then our social volleyball league is for you. Teams can play in a relaxed environment as they enjoy the community atmosphere and passion for athletics. Social leagues offer high-school players and adults the group play they are looking for to get out and get active.         

Pick up & Court Rental 

Looking for extra reps this summer? We've set aside time in the early evenings for open pick-up games and individual / small group training. Get your friends & teammates together just to play around or put in that extra work. Your first step to the next level starts at Nex Level Arena! 

Click picture for info and registration. Call or Email our volleyball coordinator to schedule rentals.


Sand Performance Training

Sand training is a simple, low-impact form of resistance training. According to a 1998 Belgian study, running on dry sand requires 1.6 times more energy than running on stable surfaces, and walking in sand requires 2.1 to 2.7 times more energy. This increased resistance helps improve quickness and build explosive strength because the muscles experience a greater workload during training exercises.

Another benefit is the instability of the sand, which requires the muscles that stabilize joints in the ankles, knees, hips, lower back, and core to continually compensate and adjust during movement. This causes a greater range of motion in joints and strengthens the muscles, improving balance and preventing injury.

If you're looking to maximize your training time, why not use the natural advantages provided by the earth and of course Nex Level Arena. Summer leagues, and training options are available. Contact us for information on scheduling time and training options.  


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